OddOneGames is an indie game studio based in Seoul. Founded in 2016 to create games that immerse and inspire people. The debut work 'Tree of Life' has sold 200,000 copies worldwide and has solidified its position in the global market as a domestic game. It has also achieved good results, such as winning the 'Game of the Month' (May 2016) and the 'Best Indie Award' at the Korea Game Awards (2016). 'Odd' from 'Odd One' is unique. 'One' contains the meaning of ‘One of a Kind’ or person.

Arcade Party

Platform PC, Nintendo Switch
Age Rating Suitable for all ages
Language Korean, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Turkish, French, Italian
Release 1. PC (Steam): Q4 2023
  1. Nintendo Switch (e-Shop): Q1 2024 |


Arcade Machine.png

Introduction 'Arcade Party' is an exciting co-op party game where up to 4 players can enjoy tons of mini-games together online or locally.

Key features:

  1. 4 player party game
  2. Local/online multiplayer support
  3. More than 20 mini-games inspired by arcade games
  4. Decorate your own character and arcade with various costume items and collection items.


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Odd One "The secret to winning first place in the BIC entry, Arcade Dungeon, Xsolla Contest..."

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